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love in action

“Our love for others is a call to action.”  Pastor Alfy Austin, World Gospel Church, Terre Haute, Indiana

Our sermon this morning was taken from John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I have lived my entire life in fear. I have been afraid to step out of my comfort zone and live my life in radical obedience to Jesus. What Pastor Alfy taught really touched me and convicted me of my inability to get past my fear and allow my love for others motivate me to action.

God loved the world so much that He allowed His one and only son to be beaten and crucified, so that we might have eternal life with Him in heaven. God LOVED us enough to put His love into action. The love of our Abba Father was not just a feeling He had towards us, His love became action.

I have wanted for many years to start a local single moms ministry here in Terre Haute, Indiana. I feel guilty that this has not happened yet. The single moms here still suffer in isolation and still are in need of a ministry that will fill that need for God in their lives. I have had some difficulty in finding a home church myself, but I have to admit that my fear outweighed my love for these moms and their children.

I am so ashamed that I have not loved these women enough to take action. I have a passion for them. God has placed a burden in my heart for them, so why is my love not enough to push out the fear that I feel? Why is my love not enough to push me into action? Honestly, this realization breaks my heart. There are approximately 1,500 single moms in the Wabash Valley and very few attend church on a regular basis. I am ashamed that my love has not pushed me into action.

God loves me and He acted on that love. My daily prayer needs to be for an overwhelming love to pour into my heart and push out the fear.

Dearest Abba Father,

I am praying that the love you feel for me will so fill my heart that any remnant of fear will be gone forever. I do have a passion to see these single moms and their children know you the way that I know you. I want them to know that you love them, the way that I know that you love me. Fill my heart with an over abundance of your love so that I will be confident enough to put that love into action. pour out your love, Lord. I don’t want to miss this blessing of obedience because I allowed my fear to outweigh my love. I ask for your forgiveness that I have not trusted you enough to step out of my comfort zone. Forgive me for not having enough faith to act in obedience regardless of my fear. I love you, Jesus. I don’t want to disappoint you. I don’t want these moms and their children to not know you because of my disobedience. Praise you, Jesus!


The worst thing would be to stand before God and have to answer for my disobedience. My heart is filled with disappointment because I know I have disappointed Him. It is not to late to act. I still have time. I must act now! I must allow my love for these single moms be a call to action and push me to start this single mom ministry.

The above message has been the ramblings of an imperfect woman of God. Life gets messy, but it is never to late to make things right.

Praise you, Jesus!

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radical obedience

I have found myself contemplating this week, what it means to be wholly committed to God. What would my life look like if I lived my life in radical obedience to God?

The one thing I came up with is that I don’t want to just BE a Christian, I want to BE a follower of Jesus Christ. I want to BE an example of Jesus in this world. But how?

Jesus knew his Father. He was intimate with God through the Word. I need to know the Word of God, so when I am dodging the fiery arrows of the enemy, I will be prepared. I need to know the Word, so when I have an opportunity to witness to someone, I can do so in confidence.

Jesus prayed. Jesus spent many hours in prayer and communication with his Father. I want my prayer life to be about open communication with God. Jesus listened, as much as he prayed. I want to listen to what my Father is telling me. I want to have an open heart, exposed to my heavenly Father.

Jesus obeyed. He never questioned what his Father told him to do. He obeyed even to death on the cross. I want to obey regardless of the consequences. I want to obey without fear, knowing that my God has my back. I want to be zealous for God, never questioning His will.

Jesus loved. Jesus loved everyone. He knew his mission was to the Jews, but that did not stop him from loving and ministering to the Samaritans, the adulteress, the woman with the issue of blood, the leper, etc. I want to love like that. I want to look at everyone around me with eyes of love and not judge because someone may have greasy hair or may smell. Love does not judge!

My Savior Jesus,

Give me a heart like yours. I open my heart to you. Come dwell within me to the point that those around me see more of you, than of me. Teach me to pray like you pray. Teach me the Word of the Father, so that it will be hidden in my heart. Teach me to obey without question. Teach me to love without judgement. My one desire is to be like you. I never want to be cut from the Vine. I am wholly committed to you, Jesus!


Being wholly committed means that when people see me they see Jesus. I fall flat on my face, at times. My one desire is to be Jesus to this broken world.

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