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I Seek

In the world, I seek…

Peace, but find chaos…

Love, but find hate…

Justice, but find condemnation…

Mercy, but find cruelty…

Compassion, but find judgement…

I seek, but never find…

I am seeking in the wrong place…

Where? Where is the answer to be found?

I am lost…

I am lost…

I turn my eyes to the hills…


In Him, I find…

A peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7)…

A love that never fails ( 1 Corinthians 13:8)…

A justice that upholds the cause of the oppressed (Psalm 146:7)…

Tender mercies from a loving God (Psalm 25:6)…

A compassion that is new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23)…

In Jesus I have no fear…

“In the world you will have tribulation. but take courage; I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33)


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Injustice Wins



Injustice Wins

Injustice wins…

when children are sold into slavery.

Injustice wins…

when women are beaten by their husbands.

Injustice wins…

when people are starving on the streets.

Injustice wins…

when undocumented workers live in third world conditions

in the richest nation in the world.

Injustice wins…

when single moms are forced to raise their children in poverty.

Injustice wins…

when refugees are treated like criminals.

Injustice wins…

when violence replaces compassion.

Injustice wins…

when we live in apathy.

Injustice wins…

when we are guided by our

hardened hearts.

Injustice wins…

when we refuse to feel the pain of someone else.

Injustice wins…

when we care more about our own station in life.

Injustice wins…

when our voices are silent.

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face of injustice


The Face of Oppression




These are the words that describe modern day slavery:

human trafficking.

We think this is a faceless crime:

it isn’t.

Oppression has a face.

Injustice has a face.

The 10- year- old girl sold into child slave labor,

the teenager killed trying to escape from his captors,

the teen girl and young woman forced into prostitution.



These children of God have a face.

Let’s give them a voice.

Be a voice for the voiceless.

They are all around us.

Pay attention.

Oppression has a face.

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Time Will Tell


Will show the pain hidden in my heart.


will be my friend even when we part.


will stand by me til’ the end of my fight.


will show me what is wrong from what I think is right.

Only time

will tell the secrets that I bravely hold.

The tragedies I’ve faced.

The stories that live untold.


will forever be with me as the years pass swiftly by


when the days are rough


will swiftly fly.


knows how I feel


how long the hurt will stay, but


will be my friend


won’t go away, because only


will tell…

*This is an original poem I wrote when I was 16 years old.

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praise the Lord


In the midst of my struggles,

I praise you.

As the sun rises above the horizon,

I praise you.

You are Lord above lords


King above kings,

You are my everything.

I humble myself

In gratitude,

For all that you have done.

My heart sings with joy,

I am your child.

I thank you for your




Your love



I am not worthy.

I am in awe,

Because you choose to love


A sinner.

Thank you.

I will praise you


I will sing

Heart songs to you,


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Beacon Of Hope

beacon of hope


I am tossed about on the seas of turmoil

Waves are crashing upon my head.

I am lost in the raging storm

Afraid that I may drown.

A light,

In the distance,

A ray of hope,


You are my light, Jesus.

You are my hope.

When I’m drowning in the seas of life,

and can’t come up for air,



Your name is everything.

When I’m drowning in life’s struggles,

You are my beacon of hope.

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On The Edge: A Poem



girl on edge

On The Edge

Standing on the edge

Will I take the risk?

Heart pounding in my ears

Seeking peace

finding fear.

Giving up everything to follow God’s will.

Standing on the edge


time stands still.

The whisper of Jesus

soothes my soul

reminding me


I’m not alone.

God will provide

all that I need

and so

with faith and trust


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Thundering Waves




Thundering waves

jumping and dancing as

the grey clouds

gather above.

The roar of the waves

sounding like

hoof beats of horses

cantering across the land.

The wind

howling through the trees.

The salt water

bitter to the tongue,

painful to the eyes.

Sea gulls

swiftly hunting for prey


the first winter rain

starts to fall.

* This is original poem I wrote at the age of 16

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Fear: A Poem




Fear, like the blade of death

cuts through her heart

she holds her breath.

Alone to face the terror she feels,

she tries to run, but she stands still.

Waiting, waiting in the night

to scared to run, to scared to fight.

She feels the chill of hands upon her throat.

She waits for death and prays to God,

“Please God, help me. I can’t fight this alone.

If anyone can help me, you are the one.

I don’t want to die, Lord,

I want to live.

Give me one more chance, Lord,

I have a lot to give.”

She feels His presence, as the hands slip away.

God is with her, she won’t run away.

Her enemy, fear, is gone from her soul,

filling her with peace, with the words Jesus told,

“As you pass through the valley of the shadow of death,

fear no evil, for I am with you.

I will neither leave you, nor forsake you.

If you call on me, I will be there,

to fight the evil,

to fight the fear.

I am with you, child,

see my footprints in the sand,

remember this, my child,

I will never let go of your hand.

* This is an original poem I wrote at the age of 17

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Indian Drums

indian drums

Indian Drums

Black clouds gather,

the sun disappears,

waves crash against the cliffs,

alone in the world an eagle cries,

and Indian drums beat in my heart.

The wind is howling,

tears sting my eyes,

an eagle soars alone once more,

like the eagle, my spirit will fly,

and Indian drums beat in my heart.

*This an original poem that I wrote when I was 19.

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