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I have set some spiritual goals for 2021. After some reflection, I decided that I need to be more intentional about prayer and Bible study. Not that I don’t pray or study the Bible. I do, but I want that intentional devotional time with the Lord. I will continue with my current pray as I go about my day routine, because there isn’t anything wrong with continual conversation. God tells us to be in continual prayer. As far as Bible study, I look up scriptures for my blog posts and I take notes on church sermons, but I am not intentional about Bible study. I have a close relationship with God, but it is a journey. It is about continual sanctification. It is about taking it to the next level and doing whatever it takes to deepen our relationship with God. I expect that there will be ups and downs, but the main thing is not to quit. Nothing is ever accomplished if we quit.

My 2021 Goals:


I will:

Read a morning Psalm to get me going for the day.

Pray using the Lord’s prayer as an outline. I probably will use a bullet method for my daily prayers instead of writing them out. I have a tendency to get redundant and I want to make sure I am praying from my heart.

Journal my Bible studies following the studies in Farm Girl Bible Journaling Group on Facebook. The group is run by Farm Girl Journals and I love it!


Read an evening Psalm to end my day well.

Praise God for those things that I am grateful for.

Daily Practices:

Practice contentment

Surrender worry, anxiety and fear

Choose faith over fear

Send up bullet prayers as led by the Holy Spirit throughout the day.

Once a week:

Attend church

Serve others

Give of myself (time and/or resources)

On a regular basis:

I think I will turn off the T.V. other than watching Youtube videos on George Muller and other faith based videos.

Study the life of George Muller and take notes on his life of faith.

I don’t want any of it to become legalistic. I want it to be something that I always long for and right now I am longing for a deeper relationship with God. I will be updating as the year progresses!


What are your 2021 spiritual goals?

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no time to rush



Psalm 39:6

“Surely everyone goes around like a mere phantom;

in vain they rush about, heaping up wealth without knowing whose it will finally be.”

According to http://www.dictionary.search.yahoo.com, a phantom is: 1. Something apparently seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality; a ghost or apparition. 2. An image that appears only in the mind; an illusion.

I find myself rushing around, impatient for God’s perfect timing. I try to control my own purpose, my own destiny. You would think that after years of getting nowhere on my own, that I would learn to stop trying to control everything and allow God’s will to be done. No, I still find myself trying to control my purpose. I cry out to God, “Why can’t I serve you full-time like I want to?” “What’s wrong with me?” “Why don’t you want to use me?” I admit to throwing an occasional pity party for myself. When I hear other people talking about how God is using them in this ministry or that ministry, I get a bit envious. Yep, the green eyed monster rears it’s head and God has to gently rebuke me and bring me back to my senses.

Do I rush around like a mere phantom? Sometimes, I do. Taking online Bible classes, jumping into another ministry opportunity, trying to look more “religious”, so those in leadership positions will see what a great christian I am. It isn’t material wealth that I try to heap up, it is religious acknowledgement. I am trying to gain attention for myself. It doesn’t work and no one has noticed, because I am focused on the wrong thing. I am focused on me and I need to let go of everything and simply sit at the feet of Jesus. This week I have gotten back to the basics:


Writing in a prayer journal using the Lord’s prayer as an outline

Reading a daily devotional


Reading a daily portion of a Read the Bible in a Year program

Journal about my day, if anything has happened that I feel I need to journal about

It is this simple. Simply focusing on my relationship with God and letting go of my need to find my purpose. My ministry is where I am right now. My ministry is this blog. My ministry is my job. I have surrendered my need to control things and am learning to slow down and enjoy where I am. I can hear God breathing a sigh of relief and saying, “finally!” I am simply taking life one day at a time. No more rushing around for me. I am going to focus on serving where I am and on God. This is an ongoing battle, but I know with God, I CAN win it!

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