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My daughter Cree is Twenty. She is a Sophomore at a local University, majoring in Elementary Education. Although, I admire her many creative talents, what I really admire about Cree is her outgoing and loving spirit. Cree is that person that can go up to anyone and start a conversation like she has known that person her entire life. There is never any awkwardness. She is a loyal friend and has been known to use her creative talents to bring joy to others. Two years ago, she spent hours making dozens of homemade Christmas cards and passed them out to the residents of our local mens shelter. She is always mentoring younger girls, volunteering, or making new friends. She has always been the one to go on mission trips and youth outings. She was a leader in her youth group and cared about developing relationships with the younger girls. Cree has always followed her heart. She goes where she is led and brings love to those lucky enough to be in her life.

Do I follow my heart? Not always. I am more inclined to let my fear stop me from going where my heart leads. I would never have done what Cree has done, because of my fear of social situations. I know that I have missed out on some of God’s blessings because I let fear stop me from doing His will. There have been things that I knew God wanted me to do, but in the end I chicken out. I always have an excuse. I always regret not following my heart and not obeying God’s will for me. I have determined that I will be more like my free-spirited Cree and follow where my heart leads.

My challenge to you: Where is your heart leading you? Is God asking you to volunteer some time somewhere? Is God leading you to mentor a younger person? Don’t let fear keep you from obeying God’s will for you. Don’t miss out on the blessing God has waiting for you. Follow your heart.



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