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I turned 50 yesterday! It is a milestone that has caused quite a bit of reflection. There is so much turmoil in our world today, that I have been reflecting on my own contributions whether for the good or bad. What have I put out into the world that made things better or made things worse? Have I been a light in this world or have I brought more darkness? How can I shine my light into a world full of hate, anger and chaos? What lessons have I learned in this half century that I can use to make this next half century better, not just for myself but for those around me?

Lessons I have learned:

  1. Jesus IS the reason – A life that isn’t Jesus centered is not worth living! There is no hope, joy, purpose, or true love without the ONE who makes every day worth living. When life is lived separated from God, there is an emptiness, a void that we try to fill with other things, but ultimately, life is not worth living if Jesus is not in it. I intentionally fill my life with prayer, digging into God’s Word, surrounding myself with other believers, and serving others. Being intentional about deepening my relationship with God, means that He is never far from me. Without Jesus, what is the meaning of life? There isn’t one.
  2. Love CAN conquer hate – I can personally testify to how love can drive out hate when we open our hearts and allow love in. Hate, anger and bitterness makes us miserable. When we carry hate and anger in our hearts, we are carrying around such a burden of negative energy that we close ourselves off to anything good. It becomes such a heavy load to carry that some are so overwhelmed by the pain and hopelessness that they make the decision to end their lives. When we decide to open our hearts to love, life changes. When we allow love in, our view of other people changes. We have to choose to love. We have to choose to let go of hate. It is a decision. I chose to open my heart and now hate has no hold on me.
  3. Money means nothing – WHAT??? I mean it. Money is the root of all evil. A simple life lived for God is a good life. I live simply. I have very little material possessions and I am free from the burden of having to financially care for those possessions. When we hoard our money and our possessions, we give up our freedom. We become robots who work to maintain our possessions and hoard more money. We give up our time to relax and play. Our possessions and money become our reason for living while the real meaning of life slips away.
  4. Community matters – Being surrounded by family and other believers gives life more meaning. We were never meant to do life alone. God made us to do life together. We need each other. Isolation brings on depression and pain. When we surround ourselves with others who share our values and lives, we can be there to encourage each other, help each other and love each other. We need other people. satan attacks when we are isolated and alone.
  5. Life can be peaceful – I realize that drama is a part of life. I don’t like drama. I don’t like chaos. I have dealt with so much worry and anxiety that all I really want is a peaceful existence. Life can be peace-filled, but that is part of having faith in a God who has every circumstance under control. We can have that deep seated peace that surpasses all understanding when we believe that God will bring good out of every situation.


Every lesson that I have learned is centered in having a relationship with Jesus. This next half century will find me becoming more intentional about sharing the light of Jesus in the chaos. Time is closing in. I feel it. I have more of a burden than ever to make sure that people know that redeeming love that ONLY comes from a relationship with Christ. A life without Jesus is no life at all.

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