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Exodus 17:15

Moses built an altar and called it The Lord is my Banner.

The Amalekites had come against the Israelites and had lifted up hands against the throne of the Lord (Exodus 17:16). As a result God came against them and Joshua wiped them out by the sword.

In my lifetime there have been times when the enemy, Satan, has come against me. He has used fear, low self-confidence, and lies to keep me from fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. Satan has used my past against me. I believed the lies. I believed that I was not good enough to be used by God.

Over the years, the Lord has healed my heart and I no longer believe the lies of the enemy. I believe the truth of God’s Word, that I am to walk in courage knowing that God is with me. I believed God’s Word that I am loved and cherished by my heavenly Father. As Jehovah Nissi, God has been my banner. He has been the won who fought for me and won my battles against the enemy. My Lord Jesus has been my victory and has given me victory.

God is our banner. He fights our battles for us, giving us the victory. What is your battle against today? Is it drugs, pornography, fear, low self-esteem, false sense of identity, abuse? Whatever it is God will fight this battle with you, giving you the victory. He only wants you to trust Him with it. He wants you to be willing to let go and place the battle into His more than capable hands. Saying the prayer below may be a place to start:

Jehovah Nissi,

I know in my heart that you are my banner, my victory and I give my battle with_______________ to you. I surrender it all to you and trust that you are fighting the battle for me, giving me the victory. I know that I cannot fight this battle alone. I need you to fight it for me. I thank you for giving me the victory!


Keep praying and keep lifting up the name of the Lord our banner, Jehovah Nissi. You never have to fight alone. Our Father never expected us to have to fight alone. He is here to fight with us. Give it to Him and He WILL give you the VICTORY!

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