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God doesnt make mistakes

Writing the posts in this devotional series has helped me find out who I am in Christ. I write from my heart. I write about things that I struggle with, knowing that if I struggle, then many of you might too.

I have always struggled with identity issues. I have never felt that I was good enough. Through these posts, I have discovered who I am and I hope that you have too.

I have learned:

1. That God sees my heart. He looks past the outside and sees who we truly are on the inside.

2. I have been adopted by God. God loved me enough to adopt me. I am His child. He loves me unconditionally and that will never change.

3. I am redeemed and forgiven. It doesn’t matter what sin I commit, If I approach God with a sincere heart, asking for forgiveness, He is faithful to forgive. Not only does He forgive, He erases the sin and gives us a do over.

4. Nothing will ever separate me from the love of God. Even when I mess things up, I know that God still loves me.

5. I am a work in progress. Sometimes it seems that I am getting nowhere, but God will complete what He started.

6. God chose to create me BEFORE He created the universe. He chose to create me, just as I am.

7. He has given me a spirit of courage, not fear. I have nothing to fear, as long as I stay in Him.

8. I am more than a conqueror in Christ. With Him as my partner, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

9. God is approachable. When I have a problem, I can go to God. His door is always open, day or night.

10. I can do ALL things in Christ. There is nothing that can stop me from doing God’s will.

11. I was made in the likeness of God. In my spirit are all the characteristics of God. I simply have to choose to let those characteristics shine through.

I hope this devotional series has encouraged you in your walk with God. I hope that you know how much God loves and treasures you. Never think that you are unworthy of love and respect. You are worthy! You are God’s beloved child!

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