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We find the story of Bathsheba in 2 Samuel chapter 11. I have read some articles that say that Bathsheba seduced King David. I don’t believe that version of the situation is accurate. From what I read, Bathsheba was simply bathing and was summoned by King David because of her beauty. She was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Was she supposed to say NO to the King? If she had, it would have been “off with her head!” Scripture doesn’t say whether she was pleased by the summons or felt remorse, despair etc.

Imagine how she felt when she realized she was pregnant with King David’s child and married to another man. I think she panicked. I can almost hear the emotion in her message to David, “I am pregnant.” Things quickly go from bad to worse when David has Uriah killed in battle. Bathsheba becomes a widow. She is pregnant with King David’s child and is now a widow. For a moment, she must have felt completely alone to face her situation. She must have felt desperation. Maybe she cried out to God in her heartache.

Scripture doesn’t tell us why God blessed Bathsheba with the birth of Solomon. Did she believe? Did she trust God to turn her heartache to blessing? I believe she did. God blessed Bathsheba in her brokenness and through her son King Solomon, she became a part of the ancestry of Jesus. God took a sinful situation and turned it for the good. He can do the same for you!

If you are facing a sinful situation and feel that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, trust that God will turn the situation into a blessing. Take it to God and let Him work in the situation. If you trust God, He can take your situation from broken to blessed. He can and will bless you abundantly despite the circumstances.

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Ezekiel 48:35

“The distance all around will be 18,000 cubits. And the name of the city from that time on will be: The Lord Is There.”

When I first realized that my marriage was coming to an end, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of abandonment. I felt completely alone. I felt like no one cared about what happened to me. At that point in my life, I did not feel the presence of God. I felt like everyone had left me, including God.

I know that God never left me and never will. He is my Jehovah Shammah, always there in the midst of our heartache and pain. Life is full of loss. There is no way to get around it. At one time or another, we will ALL feel loss in our lives. In the midst of that heartache, our Lord IS there!

If you are dealing with a loss right now and feel like your heart is breaking into a million pieces. If you feel abandoned by those that you love, know that our heavenly Father is right there beside you. He will never abandon you. He will never leave you to handle your pain alone. Cry out to Him. Let Him know how hurt you are. He is waiting.

Jehovah Shammah,

Thank you for being The Lord Who Is There. I am feeling so hurt and abandoned right now. I don’t know how I will ever go on on my own, I feel paralyzed by fear and my heart has been broken. Help me, Jehovah Shammah, get through this pain that I feel. I am surrendering the hurt and the pain to you. I acknowledge that you are here with me. I am not alone. You ARE here. I praise you, Lord!


If you are feeling overwhelmed by loss and the broken heart of abandonment, please remember that you are NOT alone. Let me know how I can pray for you. You ARE special! God loves you and will NEVER abandon you!

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