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I have a cousin that has embraced her passion and has turned it into a life that she loves. Kali was going through a difficult time and at some point became inspired by Native American hoop dancers. She started hooping on a regular basis and it has evolved into so much more. She is now not only a talented hoop dancer, but has taken on other activities, like becoming a certified fire-eater, and  balancing swords on her head. She is in her 30’s and lives a life full of passion. She does performances. She gives individual instruction as well as workshops. Recently, she has brought together other talented performance artists and founded the Rogue Underground Circus: an all female circus. She has created a life that she loves and I admire her for it!

Why does it seem so hard to live a passionate life? Why does it seem so hard to create a life around that one thing we are passionate about? Why can’t we find that one thing that makes us jump up in the morning ready to start the day? I watch Kali’s videos and I feel her joy when I see her pictures on Facebook. Why is it so hard for me to feel that same joy for life? We all need something to live for.

I guess if I am honest, my question would be: Why am I not as passionate about Jesus as Kali is about performance arts? Shouldn’t my passion for Jesus exude from every fiber of my being? Is there such a thing as a passionate life lived quietly? Does passion have to be outrageous and always public? I look at Kali’s life and I wonder if I am living my life as passionately. I love Jesus with all of my heart. Does the world see that? Does my passion for Jesus show to those around me?

In my reflecting, I have to remember the Sisters with whom my life has become intertwined. I know that they are passionate about Jesus and taking their charism of love, mercy and justice to those who are hurting. They live quiet, simple lives of prayer and service. They are passionate, but they do not have to go out and yell it from the street corners. Maybe, what I do not see in myself, others see in me. I hope so. I am a quiet, simple person. I like solitude. I find peace in the solitude. Maybe, passion can be found there too.



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