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Always Near

Always near

Always Near

When Happiness turns into depression

and I’m swallowed up by despair,

I open my eyes and remember

that you will always be near.

When I’m fighting a battle with evil

and I’m scared I’ll give way to sin,

I turn my head to you, Lord, because

I know with your help I will win.

With you by my side, I need not worry.

With you by my side, I need not fear.

All I have to do is remember that

You will always be near.

* This is an original poem that I wrote when I was 16.

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The Poet

poet's corner

The Poet

Wonder of words

a poet’s puzzle

coming from inside the heart.

Words of sadness, pain and sorrow

slowly tearing the poet apart.

A poet’s mind,

a work of genius,

finding words for every scene.

A poet’s heart,

unlike any other,

finding words to fill a dream.

*This is an original poem, written when I was 17.

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In the chaos,

I miss your voice.



I am alone.

In the silence,

I hear your


Calming me,

leading me,

encouraging me.

I run to you,

 Abba Father.

I hear your voice,

in the silence.

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