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I have been reading You Are The Girl For The Job, By Jess Connolly. In the book she talks about overcoming the fear of not being good enough to pursue whatever God is leading us to pursue. She reminds us that throughout the Bible God chose the unequipped, uneducated, every day, ordinary people to accomplish His goals.

Moses had a stutter and had murdered a man

David was a shepherd, had an affair with a married woman AND had her husband killed so he could have her as his own

Rahab was a prostitute and is now in the genealogy of Jesus

Paul killed Christians

Peter denied Jesus 3 times

The disciples were known to bicker and argue about who was the most important of them

The disciples were also known to lack faith at times

Matthew was a tax collector (a job that was looked down upon in Bible times)

The women in Luke chapter 8 who traveled with and supported Jesus and the disciples had all been healed of some ailment/demon possession

The list goes on…

None of these people or any other person in the Bible was perfect, besides Jesus Himself. God can and does use people of all skill levels, walks of life, social status, education level, etc. It doesn’t matter who I am. It doesn’t matter who you are. God has a purpose that is tailor made for me. God has a purpose that is tailor made for you.

I need to let go of the I’m not good enough mindset and remember the God who created me does NOT make mistakes. I have to quit listening to voices around me that say that what I am pursuing is a waste of time. I need to tune out those who tell me that I need to get a real job, because that is the only way to have an income, that somehow I am lesser than because I am choosing to pursue God’s work instead of joining the others on the hamster wheel of life.

I choose to put my faith in the God of all resources. I have faults, idiosyncrasies, quirks, and imperfections. I also have certain skills, passions, and gifts that make me who I am. God challenges us sometimes. He pushes us to do what we feel we are not equipped to do. And we doubt our own ability instead of focusing on HIS ability.

Maybe that is because the Church itself judges us and our abilities instead of letting us serve where our passion lies. We can not serve on the worship team unless we are a good enough singer/musician. We can not be a speaker unless we are eloquent and do not stutter. We can not share unless what we are sharing fits in with the agenda of the leaders. Jesus chose those who were willing to follow Him. The Church of today says that if we are to serve then we need to at least appear to be perfect. A willingness to serve is not good enough. A passion for a specific area is not good enough. For all intents and purposes Paul was an enemy of Jesus, but God used him anyway. God chose Paul to be the role model of the apostles.

Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t the girl for the job! I may not have a paying job right now. I may be socially awkward and I get tongue tied when in public, but I don’t care. I am 100% focused on God and what He says He needs me to do right now.



Don’t let anyone tell you differently. God’s opinion is the only one that matters.

*I started doing these Discovering Jesus posts to discuss what I am learning on a weekly basis as I grow as a Christian. Life as a Christian is a process and we are ALWAYS growing and learning new things. These are posts from my heart and may seem fragmented at times as I am working through and trying to grasp issues myself. I hope that they help you as well.


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