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It has almost a month since I posted on here. I ended up having to get a job. It wasn’t something I wanted to do and it is only a temporary solution to my income issue. In the Spring, other programs will be implemented in LIFE Single Mom Ministry and I will need to lead full-time. I trust in a God that gives us dreams and provides the miracles to make those dreams a reality.

It has been a transition. I try to NOT focus on work on my time off, because it tends to drain me. I also struggle with the dread of being outside of God’s will. I allowed fear and people to push me into getting a job, instead of waiting for the miracle. I am now in a constant state of anxiety and sorrow for my decision.

God still blesses us though! I received a $500.00 donation for the ministry from a church member yesterday! God continues to confirm that regardless of the opinions of some, there are others that believe in the ministry and believe in me.

I have also reached the point with a client that I didn’t want to reach. It is hard when you have to make the decision to let go. I hate it. I struggle with guilt and heartache over it, but at what point do we decide to put our own sanity and mental health first? There has to be a point where we choose not to be cussed at and raged against when trying to help. I’m still learning where to draw the line without cutting ties completely.

God is good! These last few weeks have been a struggle, but I continue on and do the work my Father gave me to do. I plan on going back to writing on a more regular schedule. I have to focus on God and NOT on my situation!

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