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My last day of work was Saturday, May 4th. I thought it would be more emotional. It was bittersweet saying good-bye to the Sisters that I have grown to love and some of my co-workers, but honestly I have had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with the job for the 8 years I worked there. I was surprised that I felt nothing. There was no anxiety. There was no doubt. There was only a looking ahead to the future. I am assuming that the lack of emotion means that the time is right for me to launch into a new adventure.

On Friday, my co-workers had a carry in for me and surprised me with some going away gifts. The gift I will treasure the most is a coffee cup that says, “She believed she could so she did.” It inspires me every time I read it! She believed she could. Do I believe that I can accomplish my dreams, my God given purpose in Georgia? Yes, I do believe. Although, I can’t do it alone. It is only as I partner with God am I able to accomplish all that I set out to do. It is not in my power alone that I can do anything. Matthew 19:26 tells us that with God ALL things are possible. That is what I hang onto. In God’s power She Believed She Could So She Did.

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