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I am always nervous when I step out to serve in any way. I wonder if I will fail or embarrass myself. But more often than not I end up being blessed more than I could ever imagine.

This is precisely what happened on Saturday 9/25 at the WBGL Single Mom Saturday. The Terre Haute location was Burger Chrysler Jeep and they were absolutely AMAZING! They gave each mom and oil change and car wash. On top of that, with the financial support of WBGL, an alternator was replaced for a single mom who had been having to have her vehicle charged every two weeks at Auto Zone to keep it going until she could get it fixed, an emergency fuel issue was fixed making a vehicle safe for a single mom and her kids, tie rods were fixed for one of the volunteers and a few other repairs were made making life a little easier for the single moms served.

Thanks to the donations of my generous church family at Terre Haute First Baptist Church, I was able to give the 16 single moms each a $25.00 gift card for a local gas station. We were also able to give away diapers to those in need of them.

I love days like this! I still get nervous, but God always gives me the words and the courage to go forward in His will and it is so worth it when I see the tears of gratitude form in the eyes of the moms.

There is nothing better than getting out and serving others! I am challenging you to serve someone this week and let me know how it goes.

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