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This year is coming to a close and I think it is safe to say that it has been a tough year for most people around the world. Covid-19 has caused all of us to rethink our way of life. We have had to adjust to a new normal. Those of us in the United States have had to watch our country disrupt in racial violence and we have become divided by political party in this election year. We, as Christians, have also seen our basic religious freedoms being challenged like never before. It is no wonder that as we head into this Christmas season that we are all weary. We are all searching for peace. We are searching for an answer.

The answer is what Christmas is all about. The answer to all of our uncertainty and turmoil is JESUS. I have not had a horrible year. There have been absolute blessings and like everyone else I have felt the tension of the elections, of Covid 19, of racial divisions, of the war raging against our police officers. How can you not feel it? How can you live in this nation and not be affected by what’s going on? None of this is new. We have been battling the same wars for decades. We will never have complete peace until Jesus returns.

Remember JESUS! He is our peace! He is our hope! He is our joy! He is our refuge! He is our defender! He is the answer to everything that is wrong with the world. I encourage you to read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You will find the answers that you are looking for. You will find Jesus.

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