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As the time to make my annual Associate commitment rolled around I was debating on whether I wanted to continue as an Associate with the Sisters of Providence. This hesitation had only to do with the fact that I now live so far away from “the woods” and I wasn’t sure how I could contribute from this distance.

But isn’t this what I had been praying for? To break away, to leave the nest where I had worked and served the Sisters for 8 years. God answered my prayer. How can I contribute from this far away? The same way other Associates do.

As Providence Associates, we further the mission of the Sisters of Providence by:

  • co-creating a hope-filled world,
  • building relationships,
  • cultivating community,
  • and living lives that challenge them to embody the face of Providence as they seek to be love, mercy, and justice in the world.


There are more than 200 Providence Associates all over the United States. We stay connected by praying the Prayer of Reunion, by praying the Litany of Non-Violence, by staying in touch with each other and the Sisters, and by bringing love, mercy and justice into our sphere of influence.

How am I going to do that in 2020? Things have changed for me over night and I am completely blown away by God’s AWESOMENESS! I had been serving the community of Valdosta, Georgia for several weeks through Living Bridges Ministries. I loved it! I was in the beginning stages of becoming a liaison between the ministry and a single mom’s ministry in Valdosta. I have had a passion for single moms for 13 years and I was finally realizing the dream of serving single moms. I have written a Bible study for single moms and am now a certified Biblical lay counselor. AND THEN my car broke down. I can’t get to Living Bridges now, BUT GOD opened a window for me to serve single moms from home! I will still go to the local single mom ministry and serve the single moms there. I also was invited to be a featured expert on the expert panel with The Life of a Single Mom Ministries!!! It will be a huge blessing in my effort to reach single moms and be able to counsel single moms worldwide. I have dreamed about being on that panel, but never thought that I was good enough. They loved my simple Bible study and invited me. I am still blown away by God’s goodness.¬†Anyway, this is how I can bring love, mercy and justice into the world as a Providence Associate. I have been blessed by the Sisters of Providence and in this small way I give back.

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I have been blessed in that my image of God has never been impacted by the circumstances of my life. I have never seen God as anything other than loving, compassionate, wise, protective, and as my provider. I have never blamed God for any negative situations in my life and I never felt that He abandoned me. Yes, there have been times when I felt disconnected, but I knew that was on me. God didn’t move away from me. I moved away from Him.

Our image of God is often impacted by our relationship with our earthly parents, our circumstances in life, and/or any traumatic events that we may experience. When something bad happens, we question God. Why wasn’t God there? Is He really in control? Why would a loving God let such a thing happen? God gives us free will. It is up to us whether we use that free will for the good or bad. Some of us will give in to the lies of satan and will choose to walk in sin, doing evil to those around us. When people do evil things, God is still there. He is still there to help us pick up the pieces. He is still there to grieve with us. If we did not have free will, we would be puppets, living at the whim of the puppet master. God often uses evil to bring about blessings to the world. He loves us and walks through EVERY experience with us. He has not left us or abandoned us. He waits for us to call to Him in the chaos.

If you have survived through an act of evil, are living through oppression, or are dealing with a person that is hard to deal with, I urge you to call out to Him who wants to help you. Don’t try to deal with your circumstances on your own. God is there in the midst of the struggle and He is waiting for you to call on Him for help. Don’t wait! Allow Him to heal the scars of the past and the open wounds of the present so that they don’t carry over into the future. Don’t allow the people in your life or the circumstances in your life to impact how you see God. God is good. God is love. Always. And He will never change.




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