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Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God!

This is one of my favorite Bible verses and probably the one I struggle with the most. I don’t like to wait. I don’t like the feeling of being stuck in difficult situations. I don’t like feeling like things will never change. My response to these situations is always to try to control the situation myself. I try to speed up the process. I try to manipulate God until I think MY will is HIS will. It NEVER works! I end up feeling frustrated and desperate on top of everything else I was originally feeling.


This does not mean to sit on our bums and not do anything. This is the time to pray, read the Bible and prepare to fulfill God’s call. If we already know our purpose, then this is the time to prepare to fulfill that purpose. This means doing research in the field of our purpose, obtaining formal education in that field, talking to people already in the field to see what we need to know before we make the leap. This is the time to seek God and to prepare. If we do not know our purpose, but feel God’s call on our life, then this is the time to dig in and seek God on this matter. This is the time to pray through until we get an answer.

We also need to ask ourselves if God is making us wait because of our own sinful lifestyles or characteristics. Is He wanting to prune us before He moves us forward? What is He trying to teach us as we wait?

This time of stillness can be a very productive time. It gives us time to reflect. It gives us time to seek God with ALL OF OUR HEARTS as we wait on Him. It gives us time to ask ourselves the hard questions about our own character.

What am I waiting on?

I have finally been released to start LIFE Single Mom Ministry after 15 years of waiting. In that time of stillness I prepared and I sat at the throne of God seeking Him desperately. I allowed God to refine me into a woman that He could use in this ministry. This is a journey, but I am not near as stubborn and bull-headed as I once was. I am not near the whiny, petulant child that I once was. I have come a long way and I still have a long way to go. The ministry is moving forward now and for that I am grateful.

I am still waiting on God’s answer for an income. This is truly an exercise in faith building as I see my savings dwindle and nothing on the horizon. I trust God. I know that He has called me to run this ministry full-time and that my “income” will come from Him. God has provided for me AND 5 kids and He will NOT turn His back on me now.

What are you waiting on?

If God has called you to a season of stillness, seek Him first. We will only prolong the season if we rebel and refuse to cooperate. Believe me! I know from first hand experience how long God can keep us waiting until we decide to submit to His will. It’s a hard lesson and I want to save you the pain of learning the way I have. Rebelling against God will never work. God loves us and wants to use us in bringing the love and peace of Christ to others here on earth. He can not use us if we choose to be defiant.


This is a command! We are to always remember that our God is in control of ALL things. There is nothing that He does not know or has not seen. There is nothing on this earth or in the heavens that happens that is out of His control. He stops some things from happening and He allows other things to happen. Remember in the beginning of the book of Job (If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to) when Satan and God were having a discussion about God’s servant Job? God gave His permission for Satan to strike Job. God also put conditions on what Satan was allowed to do. Even Satan can NOT act outside of God’s will! Let that sink in! Because He gave us free will to choose right and wrong, God does allow bad things to happen. That does NOT mean that He is not in control. HE IS!!! He is now and He ALWAYS will be! When you are in this waiting season, remember that He may be working behind the scenes to set things up for you. I can look back at the last 15 years and see where God was working on my behalf, even when I knew nothing about it. Pastor John told me that He has received complaints in the past of how the church treated single moms (parents). This is why he was so on board with starting a single mom ministry. God was working behind the scenes. Don’t ever think that he will leave you in the stillness. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He knows where you are and He is diligently working on His will for your life. Be patient! God is in control!

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