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John 3:30

He must become greater; I must become less.

God has been dealing with me on this issue. I have been reading You Are The Girl For The Job, By: Jess Connolly. In this book, Jess says,

“You may not care a thing about beauty, and motherhood may not be on your radar. I realize that these are easy examples for some of us to relate to and easy for others of us to dismiss. But it doesn’t change the undeniable truth that somewhere in your life, there is temptation to measure up, to compete, to stand out, to rank. Where in your life do you feel a constant or frequent desire to look to the left or the right and compare yourself to others? Maybe you’d never admit that your trying to be the best, but quietly you’re spinning your wheels. You might never dream of saying it out loud to another human, but you’re silently exploring where you rank at ______________________________.” 

The question is: Why do we push ourselves to compete? Why do we push ourselves to stand out? Is it for ourselves or is it to give God the glory?

This is a question I ask myself daily as I start this ministry for single moms. I ask myself because I am a people pleaser. I have a tendency to do things for the approval of people and not to glorify God. Not that I don’t want to glorify God, I do more than anything. I guess it is more of fearing rejection and the disapproval of people and so I strive to be perfect, to be the best so that no one can find fault with what I do. I fear criticism. I have found however, that you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. There are those people who will find fault no matter what you do. They aren’t the ones that matter anyway.

ONLY GOD MATTERS!!! I am not perfect. God does not care that I am not perfect. He does not expect me to be perfect, as long as I am obedient to His will. He loves me, imperfections and all!

So, why do I want to serve single moms? Is it so I can get the accolades of being a ministry leader? Is it so that people see ME? I can honestly answer NO! to both questions. I don’t like the spotlight. I don’t like being the center of attention. I have a burden to see single moms and their kids build a relationship with Jesus. I have felt this burden since 2006. I have a burden to love single moms to Jesus.

“We cannot seek God’s glory and our own at the same time.” Jess Connolly

Ask yourself:

Are you serving to glorify God or yourself? Are you seeking to please God or people? Are you running your own race or are you running God’s race? Be honest with yourself.




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